The Business of CTT with Kathleen Seeley

Coaches & Consultants

Do you have the Tools You Need to GROW & DELIVER?

The Problem

You are looking to reach more paying clients but you do not know HOW to get your prospects to understand WHAT you do and HOW you can help them.  

You lack an easy way to build your list and engage new prospects in a meaningful and impactful way that converts them into paying clients.  

We've been there and we have a possible solution for you!  

The Solution


We have learned that a successful Coaching Business is dependant on a balance of reaching new prospective clients & delivering them meaningful insights at every turn. Providing meaningful insight is key to creating an engaged audience to lay the foundation to begin converting them to paying clients.  

It's a numbers game. Reaching new potential coaching clients is just smart business. Efficiently reaching new audiences provides you a larger pool of prospects, giving you the potential for sustainable clients and sustainable income.  


Business's demand tangible results that they can measure and understand. The CTT Practitioner Tools strikes the perfect balance between simple implementation and robust results. The CTT suite of tools is a comprehensive suite of tools that prepares you to approach prospective corporate clients. We successfully use these tools for Keynotes, single day sessions to multi year engagements with our clients.

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How CTT can Help

CTT Practitioner Certification with Kathleen Seeley has the potential to deliver both. CTT Practitioner tools themselves are powerful and insightful. Everyone you share the tools with will gain new understandings of themselves and will be looking for more. The ability to utilize the FREE Personal Values Assessment (PVA) is a marketing and lead generation tool that has enabled us to grow our prospects by 1000+ per month and it can for you as well. 

What it has Done for Us

  • Growing 1000+ monthly email subscribers.
  • 10,000+ website hits per month.
  • Key to Long-term engagements with Corporate clients.
  • Book 6-Figure Corporate Engagements.
  • Launch Successful online programs for personal transformation.
  • Create a hallmark LIVE experience: Values 4 Success.
  • Opportunity to work with industry leading organizations.

It can do the same for you!

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The CTT Tools are diverse and powerful and are applicable to an infinite number of use cases. For that reason, we believe it is best to talk one on one to see how the CTT Tools & Approach can work for you and your business. Click below to schedule a 30-minute appointment with Kathleen to see if this certification is right for you.